About Us

Our mission is to create a customized solution that is effective and sustainable. We understand that life can get pretty hectic, and maintaining a perfectly organized home can be quite challenging, but we are confident that with our keen eye for good design and the ability to maximize any space, that our clients will be able to find anything in their home and have a place for everything.


Owner, Professional Organizer

Megan is a wife, mom of 4 & boss babe. She has been starting and running businesses for over 15 years now. She has the ability to look at a messy, poorly functioning room and instantly get an idea of what needs to happen to fix it. “Organizing is in my blood, I see a messy drawer and immediately want to grab bins and set it up”, says Megan. Her love of organizing and design has allowed her to help hundreds of clients make their houses functioning properly and finally feel like a home! When Megan is not working you will find her watching HGTV or shopping at Home Goods.


Owner, Professional Organizer

Kathleen is a mother to two boys and has been in a long-term relationship with their father for 10+ years. She is a New York girl, living out her country girl dreams in New Jersey….go figure! She owns a beautiful farmhouse that backs up to a goat farm and is obsessed with all things shiplap and reclaimed wood. Her passion for organization began with Marie Kondo by using her file folding technique and it quickly blossomed into better utilizing the spaces in her home by finding storage solutions that work bests for her family. “When my home is clean and organized, I’m not only a happier person, I’m a better mom”

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